Bay View Adventure Seeker

There is a mistake on the BVAC Clue form

Despite reading and re-reading these clues so many times, I still managed to make a dumb mistake on Clue #59. For those who have already downloaded the clue sheet, for clue #59 please change the word “bolt” to the word “nut” on your sheet. This is now corrected on the downloadable form as of today. Also, just so you know, there are ‘dummy’ crayons scattered throughout Bay View which will lead to dead ends if you try and reverse engineer the clues. Sorry for any inconvenience. I’m incredibly annoyed with myself right now… Please pass this along to your friends Thanks to Colin and Arlo S. for catching my error!

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Bay View Adventure Seekers
We’re stoked that you’re gonna give this cabin-fever fighting, social-distancing friendly, scavenger hunt a whirl. It is our hope that it provides you with a few hours of escapism from the craziness of our new reality.

Inspired by Crayola crayons, you hold in your hands a list of 64 clues which will lead you to 64 distinct locations in Bay View. After you solve the clue, seek out that location. There you will find a prominently displayed crayon. It may be on a door, in the window, maybe free standing or at your feet, but it will be there in plain sight. The name of the color printed on the crayon goes in your answer box next to the clue.

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